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Make a Memorable Desert Safari Experience in 2019


A desert safari in Dubai will offer you an exciting, thrilling, and a sensational tour experience. It will be beyond compare because of the adrenaline hurry, noise of traversing over the frequent changing sand dunes.

As you will feel that you are in the center of a desert, you will get a fun and breathless experience, longing for more. Moreover, camel rides, 4×4-dune bashing, tied with a delicious barbeque and belly-dancing recital will offer you an ultimate desert tour experience.

Without getting these enjoyable experiences, your Dubai tour will be considered an incomplete one. To make your desert safari in Dubai much more comprehensive, you can opt for a jeep ride through huge sand mounds.

Stopping at a campsite, you can have a thrilling and enjoyable camel ride, through which you can explore the desert terrain of Dubai more closely. However, knowing the types of desert safari in Dubai will allow you to make your tour experience a memorable one.

You have no need to possess special skills or tools to enjoy these safari types. You will be provided with all the essential facilities and required gear.

You can enjoy your Dubai desert safari in two exciting ways one through a jeep ride and other through a camel ride. You can have a camel ride between morning 08.00 and evening 06.00. Through a 45-minute safari, you will entourage of the unknown parts of the desert.

There are also other best types of safaris, such as morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari.

The morning desert safari will usually be organized from morning 08.30 to 11.00, through which you can see something strange in the desert. This three-hour safari involves a small camel ride and a 30-minute dune bashing. You can also enjoy sand skiing and quad biking during your morning desert safari.

If you would like to explore the eye-catching deserts of Dubai, then you can opt for an evening desert safari. The safari will start from noon 03.30 to evening 07.00 without dinner, but it will end at night 09.30 if you want to have a dinner. You will chase the sunset while you travel along the moving golden sands. The specialty of the Dubai evening desert safari is the breathtaking sunset. You can have an exciting dinner amid the twinkling stars.

Choosing the overnight desert safari in Dubai will offer you a supernatural tour experience. It will start in the evening at 04.30 and end at morning 09.00 the next day. The safari will usually include an exciting dune bashing and driving over the desert’s soft sands. You can enjoy the twinkling of stars by camping under them. This evening safari extension will offer you a huge opportunity to learn the night sky and outline collections by lying on your back and looking at the sky.

You can make your Dubai tour experience comprehensive and interesting by opting for other types of safari in the desert country. This includes hot air balloon safari and a hummer desert safari.

The hot air balloon safari will usually start at the sunrise in Dubai. You will enjoy witnessing the aerial view of the entire deserts of the country, its magnificent terrains, as well as its hidden treasures.

Choosing the Hummer Desert Safari will be a magnificent way to experience the deserts of Dubai. Usually, it will start in the afternoon with the expert driver and guide of your tour organizer. You will be taking pleasure in exploring the new world of Dubai deserts with a hummer ride.

Making your Dubai tour experience a comprehensive one will mainly count on the time, you visit the country. For all types of desert safari, except the overnight safari, the best time to visit the country is from November to March next year. During these months, the desert temperature will be reasonably cool and the heat will be tolerating.

You can reap the real benefits of the overnight safari during the summer months from April to October. This is because all deserts will be cooler at nights during these months.

You can complete your Dubai desert safari by having traditional food amid the sands of the desert.

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